Developing entry strategy and marketing road map for a client

Aecogreen Int’l is a provider of internationally accredited training courses in Environmental and Waste Management. As an Environmental training and consultancy with international accreditation, Aecogreen also provide consultancy services to private and public organisations who aim to improve on their environmental performance, become more efficient in energy and resource use or enhance general organizational competitiveness and credibility

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Considering the environmental issues in West Africa especially Nigeria with population of over 170 million people.  Aecogreen Int’l decided to expand its training and consultancy services into Nigeria in order to address environmental issues. As the only approved training provider of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), offering IEMA certified Environmental Training courses in Nigeria Aecogreen Int’l was faced with the challenge of breaking in to environmental and training market in Nigeria, the challenge of meeting the regulatory requirements for providing a environmental training courses in Nigeria.

Following a meeting with the management of Aecogreen Int’l to understand their requirement and challenges. Our consultants were able to worked with the management of Aecogreen Int’l to developed a strategic road map that helped Aecogreen break into Environmental training and consulting market in Nigeria.

Through our strategic road map, Aecogreen Int’l met all its regulatory requirements within 6 months, successfully opened a branch in Nigeria, and utilized cost effective marketing strategies to increased sales from a yearly training course to quarterly training courses excluding some of the online courses offered.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses in Waste Management as Executive Masters Certificate Courses in Nigeria as well as the UK Executive Study Tour in Waste Management.

Our strategies has  helped Aecogreen lowered its operating expenses, increased their online presence – website and social media, digital marketing, partnered with the prestigious Centre for Waste Management (CWM), University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) to offer its popular