Our client has a good reputation in complaint handling, customer service and meeting regulatory requirements. Our client had backlog of regulated complaints to resolve in other to meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Cases were close to breaching regulatory deadlines and our client risked receiving fine from the regulators.

It was important that our client seek to bring in extra resources with project management and complaint- handling experience to manage the project and reduce the backlog.

The aims of the project was to: provide consultancy services to deliver required production target within our client’s time, cost and quality framework whilst adhering to our client’s and regulators complaint handling policies.


Having previously worked for our client on various occasions, our complaint management consultants were familiar with our client’s complaint management systems and operations.

Our project management consultants were mobilised to site on time. Within two weeks, we produced revised complaint handling processes that helped our clients meet regulator deadlines.

Once our revised complaint handling processes were reviewed and approved by our client, our consultants rolled out and trained our client’s in – house team and other temporary staffs from other suppliers, new to our client business.   Within the first month, 90percent of complaint handlers had gained complaint-handling competency and were dealing with the complaint backlog.

We continuously worked collaboratively with various team within our client’s organisation to design, review, test and roll out the improved processes to the team. We trained and coach complaint handlers on various complaint management processes


We produced an outstanding result for our client. With our reviewed processes our client was able to reduce the backlog of cases by 90% while delivering the right outcome both for our clients and its customers

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