Strategy & Project Management

Strategy, Planing and Execution are key success factors for any businesses companies.  With the right planning, strategy and the right execution of projects in place,  businesses can reduce cost and delivering time without compromising on the quality.

Do you have a business strategy? How effective is your business strategy in dealing with resource allocation, growth, business operations?

At Digital Crux Consultants, strategy and project management consulting is one of our core capabilities. We work with companies to develop winning and effective strategies that deliver results.

Our expertise includes:
Project Management

No companies will invest in projects without having a specific goal or strategic objectives that will yield either a short term or a long term benefits. Our experience in managing and implementing projects has shown that change is a common theme in project management and projects are only means through which organisation can implement rapid and complex enterprise-wide changes in order to remain competitive and to sustained performance. At Digital Crux Consultants, we are expert in providing project management services. We have proven track records in implementing successful projects across various sectors, delivering results within tight schedules and budget. We are confident that we can replicate the same for your organisation.

Business planning and strategy

It is essential to plan the next line of action for your business. Our experience shows that most often than not, companies and clients miss out important things that could be detrimental to their business.   As part business planning services, we often see things missed, things not planned for and things planned for that are not necessary.

At Digital Crux Consultants, we offer effective and more creative business planning solutions, embedding best practice strategies, industry knowledge and experience to create value for your business.

Change Management

Study has shown that only 25 % of change management initiatives implemented by various organisations are successful over the long term. Traditional change management activities such as training and effective communication are no longer enough to help organisation develop the required change management expertise. The instability in the business environment requires more innovative and precise change management methodology.

At digital Crux Consultants, we help our client manage change effectively.

Business and Competitor Analysis

We provide business and competitor analysis for individual, start-ups and businesses.  This includes market research, entry route to a very competitive market and growth strategies.   We also help existing businesses and companies; align their business processes to their company and corporate strategies.

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