Leadership Development

With experienced and skilled consultants in the field of leadership, we guide leaders through developing core competencies needed for leadership effectiveness.

We utilize the 360 degree approach to assess specific leadership competencies (based on organisational goals) and analyse results to reveal development areas. Whether it is business leaders, church leaders, political leaders or individuals simply want to increase their leadership skills, we provide bespoke services and support through the development process.

Leadership Digest

Are you a Manager, a team leader, a supervisor or just interested in leadership, then you need to understand the weaknesses that many leaders face and the strengths they often overlook as they focus on overcoming the current business climate. One of the directors of Digital Crux Consultants along with seven major industry leaders in the field of leadership and management authored and gave an extensive review of this in the book “Leadership Assessment for Talent Development” edited by Tony Wall & John Knights.

The research we carried out at Digital Crux Consultants highlighted the recurring leadership development needs, hidden strengths and blind spots of leaders as they focus on breaking even in the current business climate. These eye opening findings are documented in chapter three and four of the book “Leadership Assessment for talent Development”

Indeed Leadership and Management have evolved.

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