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Financial Industry is one of the industries where regulatory requirements must be met at all times. Changes in regulatory requirements, risk management, technologies, reporting requirements and compliance meant that financial institutions are in need of comprehensive and integrated solutions to gain competitive edge.  Digital Crux Consultants provide financial organisations with solutions to most of their challenges in meeting their regulatory requirements.

What We Do :


Over the years our consultants have proved that listening to customers’ complaints, identifying risk and improving processes based on the revealed patterns is a realistic approach to increasing customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

As new complaint handling regulations are being put forward by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), financial services organisations are faced by increased pressure to handle complaints more efficiently and to treat customer fairly.

With our extensive experience in data analysis, we help clients meet Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) standards. We collate the complaints data, analyse them to identify trend and risk issues, and provide feedback to prevent future recurrence.

Part of our consultancy service includes: Project Management, Process Reengineering  & Operational Instruction Formulation, Root Cause Analysis, Quality Assurance Management, Training and Development and Data gathering and Gap Analysis.