Digital Crux Consultants is a Management, Leadership and Technology Consulting firm. We help businesses identify their area of strength, manage growth, increase effectiveness and retain customers.

Whether you are a large-scale organisation or small and medium scale business, you will benefit from our services.

Did you know that customer retention rate is very low in organisations with 101 to 500 employees? Our research shows that three in every five customers will leave these firms in 6 months. This becomes a major problem if the rate of attracting new customers is not increasing. At Digital Crux Consultants we highlight why your customers may leave you and what you can do to keep them.

Did you also know that three in every five new small and medium business would fold up within a year? If you are a new business or you are planning to diversify into other areas, then you need to speak with us.

Our core focus is GROWTH and  OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE . We are set to give businesses proven strategies that ensure increased performance. The solutions we provide are targeted to your individual  and business needs; we assess the functions and objectives of your organisation and provide tailored solutions. We also support clients through the implementation stages.

Many businesses face challenges and complexities of the environment they operate in. Lack of core management skills and practicable strategies only complicates the issues. We bridge the gap and provide businesses with cost effective solutions.

We  approaches every client’s business equally and as if it were our own. It is our believe that a consulting firm should be more than an advisory; that why we always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, align our solutions with their objectives, and collaboratively to implement our solutions.

A right approach is necessary for the right outcome, that is why we operate a 3D business model. We DISCUSS;  We DEPLOY  and We DELIVER our services to meet client’s satisfaction.

Although our solutions and services are extensive, the good news is that they are bespoke to your needs. This means that you can stick to our free “Discuss” section only. Some of our clients say that this session helps them understand their core values and why they are in business. If you have in house trainers, you can use our “Develop” section only; this is where you use your in house trainers to deliver our bespoke training programmes. You can also move straight to the “Deploy” stage. This is where you have already identified the issues and you would like us to use our expertise to fix the issues. This can include complaint management, user journey web analysis, delivering training programmes etc.

Whatever it is, we are here to help?

As the business world is going digital, we also add a touch of digital gen to help you take advantage of the evolving rise in technology for business advancement.

What gives us the edge is our love for research and our extensive network of experienced consultants. This means that we can look into your organisation and provide tailor made solutions. Our consultants are members of professional bodies and we are we are part of a network of professionals. Therefore no matter the area of expertise, if growth is the focus, then our expertise will benefit you.

We offer a free 60 minutes consultation. In this session you talk to us about your business. We will ask series of questions to help you identify your strength, your Unique Selling Point (USP), your culture, goals, strategies etc.

If you are happy with the discussion and would like to proceed, our team of experts will then do an initial in-depth research into your business to highlight your competition, potential threats, how to achieve your key goals, how to capitalise on your USP etc. We would also explain how we could assist you by integrating our findings with your culture and current business environment to achieve growth. This process also includes highlighting the strength of your brand, your staff; Customer complaints Root cause Analysis (CCRA), etc.

Once we have analysed the problem and developed a model, the next step is to deploy. At this stage we proffer solutions and these are bespoke solutions. Our range of solutions includes but not limited to assisting in correcting complaint root causes which was discovered during the complaints root cause analysis, advising on Customer Retention Techniques (CRT), designing training programmes based on training needs Analysis, modifying your key brand features etc